Genetic Counseling and patient information

Genetic counseling of the patient is recommended as part of the informed consent required. Such counseling is best prepared by the genetic counselors associated with the laboratory performing the testing.

GENOMA has a staff of genetic consultants and is recommended for every patient undergoing PGD. Such consultation can be done by phone or in person. For further questions or to arrange for consultation, please contact our Customer division (Dr. Maura Menaglia, phone +39 0685358425, e-mail: ).

Genetic counseling fees are included in our PGD tests.

In addition to genetic counseling we provide brochures for patients and clinics, with detailed protocols for sample preparation and case coordination, and other information to aid in your discussion with patients, including the latest data which may not yet be published.

We can also link your website to ours ( for convenience and greater visibility of your center.

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